Why Hire a Professional Landscape Designer?

The word landscaping evokes different concepts in the mind of most people, and few really agree as to exactly what “landscaping” is. It’s definitely more than planting a few shrubs or adding greenery to garden features.
San Francisco Bay landscape design

Good landscaping requires more than an understanding of how selecting and placing particular shrubs, trees, and ground cover to
enhance the functionality of your home. Also, successful landscaping requires extensive knowledge of plant and materials that fit the conditions of the site.

There are so many details to cover: slope of the land, access to surrounding areas, drainage and overflow issues, and several others. Of course you want everything to look good, but if it doesn’t work well within the property it can cause challenge problems in the long run.

Working with a professional landscape designer takes the pressure of the homeowner. No need to worry about proper irrigation, or take on the backbreaking work involved in hardscaping.

Jennifer Craven is an experienced landscape designer serving the San Francisco Bay area, specifically East Bay, South Bay, and Peninsula. She has worked in all facets of landcape creation and knows how to integrate the artistic with the practical side of landscaping architecture.

With a New Home, When Do We Start with Landscaping?

As early as possible. Working with your knowledgeable, qualified landscaped designer will let you start with a realistic budget and specific requirements for your new home. Your custom landscape design could even have helpful suggestions to improve outdoor decks, walk ways and driveways.

What Should I Expect Working With My Designer?

Your landscape designer will ask you how you plan to use your outdoor spaces for yourself and your family. This will directly impact the style of landscaping and plant choices.

Sometimes it is helpful is you provide photos of other landscaping concepts that you like, or provide a picture from a magazine. This will your designer understand the image you have in your mind, and help determine if your ideas are feasible.

There are many other considerations your landscape designer will review with you – which may include any homeowners association requirements, your homes architecture and structure, and what other outdoor features you like.
The city may even have regulations that you must adhere to. Here is a quick video segment presented by the city of San Francisco planning department. It addresses landscaping your front yard.

What Does Good Landscaping Cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer. There are simply too many variables to factor in to provide an average cost. It’s similar to answering the question “What does a haircut cost?” with many different answers depending on who you talk to.

Always look to a qualified landscape designer to get you started on your project. In the long run, you’ll save time and money. And you are sure to be happy with the results and experience from a professional. If you look at it like that, you’ll agree that hiring a San Francisco Bay landscape designer doesn’t cost, it pays!

For general information on landscape design scope and approach, you may find this information to be helpful.

Jennifer provides creatively beautiful designs for properties in the following areas:
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