Textures In The Landscape

Texture is a term typically used to describe the overall size of the leaves of any plant. Fine texture describes a more hair-like or needle-like foliage with a softer appearance. Generally fine-textured plants have a more natural, somewhat unkept/ relaxed appearance. They may recede visually and can draw attention to the form and color of […]

The Nature of Trees

  Perhaps one of the most important decisions to make in the planting of a landscape is deciding on the trees –  the specific type of tree and the location within your landscape. Trees can be the most permanent feature in the living part of your landscape. Over the years in the landscape business, I […]

Understanding Landscape Terminology

When you work with a landscape designer and landscape contractor on your outdoor projects, there are a few key terms that you’ll want to understand. Here are a few explanations of terms that you will most definitely want to know. HARDSCAPE “Hardscape” defines any solid or hard area within your landscape. This includes items such […]

Dry Creek Bed and No Mow Grass

Estate Entrance with Dry Creek Bed

Dry creek beds are a nice way of eliminating small patches of grass that take a lot of water and maintenance, they also serve to add a unique visual interest. Dry creek beds work well in the San Francisco Bay area as they are  most appropriately used for our Northern California dessert climate, especially coupled […]

Keep Your Plants Looking Picture Perfect

How can you tell how well a plant is doing when you see the leaves starting to droop? What’s the problem? Our first reaction is usually to grab the hose and put lots of water on it because wilting leaves must mean that it’s quite thirsty. Right? Not necessarily. The signs of too much water […]

Evaluate Your Overall Drainage System

With the winter rains, it is a terrific time to evaluate your overall drainage system.  Is it working as it should?  Does the water flow away from the house foundation?  Or is it pooling/puddling somewhere in your yard?   Different scenarios require different types of drainage.  Almost every yard should have some sort of drain […]