At the foothills of Mt Diablo State Park, this property is subjected to the constant barrage of the wild kingdom: from deer to wild boars, the landscape was ravaged. The property presented challenging slopes which presented 3 distinctive use levels.

In this design, I created an enlarged patio area for greater function and maneuverability around the pool. By eliminating the safety fence in one specific area along with an ill-placed T arbor, I extended the patio hardscape to incorporate a larger wood arbor structure. This allowed for comfortable cushioned chairs equipped with heating elements housed in the rafters of the structure. It became a year round outdoor room with views of the foothills on one side and a view back towards the house and pool area from the other.

The original views of the distant hillsides were blocked with closely spaced redwoods that obstructed the feel of expanse. Once these selective trees were taken out, the distant view invited a more awesome wonder of the hills beyond. Nature at her best. A panoramic view of Mt. Diablo foothills.

To maintain the look of the natural surroundings, pressure treated timbers were used as steps with moss rock walls for terracing. The lowest level was devoted to an extended lawn, barked play area, fenced in raised garden beds and a sport court.

The main residence was fenced off and the first view of the estate was announced by repeating the water washed stone walls that existed at the mouth of the driveway. The iron fencing with intermittent columns leads you to the main entry at the driveway. Walls were built at the first viewing of this property along with stone columns and iron fencing. The fencing served to keep out unwanted animals well as to secure the pool area.