Raised Planters Are Better With Correct Proportions

An attractive raised planter within your landscape design creates a point of interest, adds contrast to the layout, and helps to define space. However, there are a few points to keep in mind before adding a raised planter. If you don’t get the proportions right or you don’t have the right level of soil for […]

Grass Does Not Grow in Shade

Quite often I am asked “What’s wrong with my lawn?” As we proceed to a shady, tree-filled area of the yard I hear “It looked good for several years and then has started looking worse and worse.” The images here show an old lawn area that has become increasingly shaded as the surrounding trees have […]

A Wall Alongside A Driveway Creates Multiple Problems

It’s always best to give yourself a safety zone of at least a couple feet when you consider a wall anywhere close to a driveway edge. This photo shows the wall actually curving in, at the end of the driveway where most of us would begin turning the steering wheel as we back out. It […]

Waterproofing A Retaining Wall

The Problem: Lack of waterproofing material and lack of proper drainage system in retaining wall. This client had their pool, coping, surrounding walls and concrete installed during the previous year. Because concrete is quite porous, it can wick water from the soil side and cause issues both structurally and cosmetically. As seen in the photo, […]

Residential Renovation

There’s an appropriate industry saying: “Right plant, wrong place.” This residence had this very issue. An improperly placed Atlas Cedar which had been growing for over forty years was positioned a couple feet from the existing driveway. It also did a good job of blocking the view of the front door from the street perspective. […]

Large Estate Residence Renovation

At the foothills of Mt Diablo State Park, this property is subjected to the constant barrage of the wild kingdom: from deer to wild boars, the landscape was ravaged. The property presented challenging slopes which presented 3 distinctive use levels. In this design, I created an enlarged patio area for greater function and maneuverability around […]